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Mercaz -- Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program

At Mosaic Law, we view preparation for this event as a partnership among parents, B’nai Mitzvah candidates, siblings, classmates, and the synagogue. Working and learning together helps to strengthen Jewish identity and observance for the entire family, and brings the whole family closer to each other, to the community and to their Judaism. Going through this two-year process together forges family friendships that will make their special day even more special, and that will last well into the future.

B’nai Mitzvah candidates must attend a minimum of both sixth and seventh grade in Mercaz, continuing through the end of each academic year; attend a minimum of 50% of Shabbat services, demonstrate a level of Hebrew proficiency prior to beginning their individual tutoring, attend tutoring sessions regularly, and practice in accordance with their tutor’s direction.

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