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Converting to Judaism

Steps and process for Conversion to Judaism

Under the Supervision of Rabbi Reuven Taff

Conversion to Judaism is a very important decision for anyone considering this life-changing process. It is recommended that anyone wishing to become a Jew By Choice set up an appointment with Rabbi Taff. At the initial meeting the rabbi will give to the potential conversion candidate a packet of information. The steps for conversion to Judaism under the supervision of Rabbi Taff are within the Halachic guidelines of the Rabbinical Assembly, the organization of rabbis affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. We are pleased to present on this website the required steps for conversion:

  • Initial Meeting with Rabbi Taff
  • Distribute and Review Conversion Information Packet
  • Candidate sets up separate appointments with an Orthodox Rabbi to gather information about Orthodox Conversion:

Rabbi Mendy Cohen, Rabbi of Chabad Lubavitch (916) 455-1400

  • If candidate insists on proceeding with Rabbi Taff, the following three books must be read:
  1. The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism, by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin (ISBN # 0-671-62261-7)
  2. Choosing A Jewish Life, by Anita Diamant (ISBN #0-8052-1095-4)
  3. Night, by Elie Wiesel (ISBN# 0-553-20807-1)
  • Upon reading the above three books, candidate schedules an appointment with Rabbi Taff to discuss the books.
  • Following the discussion the Rabbi will tell the candidate if he/she will be officially accepted into the conversion program.  If yes, then
  • Candidate schedules an appointment with the Rabbi, which will be devoted to a ‘personal inventory’ of the candidate’s life, from birth to the present.
  • Candidates will immediately be engaged in formal study of Judaism and during the process will be immersed into Jewish life, following the observances as specified in the “Declaration of Faith” (found in the information packet.)
  • Candidate understands that there is no set time frame for when the conversion process shall be completed.  All will depend upon the candidate’s progress and the Rabbi’s assessment of that progress.

Contents of Information Packet
(Click here to download Conversion Packet)

  1. Declaration of Faith
  2. Booklet written by Rabbi Alan Silverstein
  3. Legal Perspectives on Conversion (from ITIM, The Jewish Life Information Center in Israel)
  4. Book List
  5. Conversion Progress Report Form
  6. 100 Questions on Basic Judaism
  7. Essay Questions
  8. Outline for Bet Din
  9. Introduction to Judaism Class Syllabus

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