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MERCAZ Religious School

MERCAZ serves the Sacramento Jewish community by offering twice-weekly classes from Pre-K through 12th grade. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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MERCAZ Educational goals

MERCAZ educators strive to develop students’ Jewish identity through acquisition of knowledge about Judaism and values of the Torah, and building lifelong friendships within the Jewish community to become mensch at the milestones of their Bar and Bat Mitzvah, confirmation, and graduation.  

Overall Learning Goals (for all grades):

  1. Bible: Torah, Neviim, Ktuvim. & 5 books of the Torah
  2. B’rachot over food
  3. Hebrew months
  4. Additional Tefilot (prayers): Hallel, Rosh Chodesh. 
  5. Tzedakah: Tikun olam.
  6. Shabbat: Challah/wine blessings, essence of Shabbat, connection to the creation. 
  7. Bible family tree
  8. Jewish life cycle events and rituals from brit (covenant) to burial
  9. Three tefilot (prayers): Shacharit, Mincha, Arvit
  10. Prayer layout in the Siddur

Educational goals by grade level:

Gan-Katan (Pre K & K)

Hebrew & Tefillah
  1. Students will memorize and recognize the Aleph-Bet by sound and shape.  
  2. Students will learn basic vowels through songs.  
  3. Students will recite blessings of Kiddush, Shabbat candle lighting, hamotzi, washing hands, Havdalah, and blessings over foods (fruits, vegetables, cakes). 
  4. Students will grasp basic counting, colors, 5 books of Torah, and Jewish months in Hebrew.
  5. Students will sufficiently comprehend the Shma and its meaning
Jewish Holidays and Bible
  1. Students will absorb Jewish values through Bible stories. 
  2. Students will discover variety of Shabbat rituals through hands on activities.
  3. Students will acquire and comprehend Jewish holidays’ content, rituals, and symbols.

  1. Students will learn symbols related to Israel such as: the flag, Jerusalem symbol, and country’s symbol.   

Tikkun Olam & Mitzvot
  1. Students will learn and implement Mitzvot such as: Tzedakah and gratitude in the classroom with a conjunction to their home.
  2. Students will distinguish between Mitzvot between each other, and between humans to God.

Kita Aleph & Bet (1st & 2nd Grades):

  1. Students will comprehend and decode the Aleph Bet with integration of the vowels.
  2. Students will recite and chant the tefillot: Shma, Ve’ahavta, Barechu, Ma Tovu, and Mode Ani.
  3. Students will learn Hebrew vocabulary from the Tefillah/Siddur: .
  4. Students will experience and understand rituals and meaning of the Jewish holidays.
  5. Students will develop a connection to Israel as our Jewish country through the learning of historical and cultural aspects of Israel through the eyes of Israeli children.
  6. Students will learn the B’rachot Ha’Motzi, Ha'etz, Ha’Gafen, Ha'Adama, Mezonot, ​Birkat Ha’Mazon, Sh'Hakol, and ​N’tilat Ya’dayim. 
  7. Students will learn Bible stories through the “sibling” theme which enhance stories about brothers and sister to so student can identify with their own realities: Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, Rachel and Leah, and Joseph and his brothers.  
  8. Students will discuss Tikkun Olam and social justice through the values of honesty, love, friendship, and respect

Kita Gimel & Dalet (3rd & 4th Grades):

Hebrew & Tefillah
  1. Students will work towards their fluency in reading Hebrew.
  2. Students will acquire Hebrew vocabulary and their roots from the Siddur.
  3. To achieve functional skill at recognizing key Hebrew roots, prefixes and suffixes, and use them to begin to approximate the translation of prayers.
  4. Students will actively sing, chant, and recite prayers as expected for this grade level and understand the meaning and function of specific prayers.
  5. To begin leading and participating in student led services.
Jewish Holidays & Bible
  1. Students will understand the historical background of the Jewish holidays and their layout on Jewish and secular calendars.
  2. Students will learn about the source of holidays, ways of celebration, traditions including food, songs, and the Jewish calendar.
  3. Students will demonstrate factual knowledge of Biblical stories, events, heroes, and midrash.
  1. Students will link Jewish tradition and love of Israel.
  2. Students will learn about the land of Israel as related to geography.
Tikkun Olam & Mitzvot
  1. Students will formulate and explore increasingly sophisticated questions about God.
  2. Students will deconstruct the weekly Torah​ portion.

Kita Heh and Vav (5th & 6th Grades):

Hebrew & Tefillah
  1. Students will read, chant, and understand the prayers to become an active participant during services.
  2. Students will read Hebrew (modern and biblical text) with appropriate fluency; recognize certain words by sight without the need to decode.
  3. Students will gain an understanding of the structure and content themes of the prayers in the ​ Siddur.​​​​​​​
Jewish Holidays & Bible
  1. Students will learn Bible through the theme M’dor L’dor (from generation to generation) to enhance the importance of knowing the Jewish heritage and transfer to others.
  2. Students will identify the traditions, celebrations, symbols, rituals, and customs of Jewish lifecycle events
  3. Students will delve into Midrash and Talmud texts about the Jewish holidays.
  1. Students will study about Israel to encourage and tighten the relationship with Israel.
  2. Students will gain an understanding of the land of Israel as a modern country as well as the setting of the Bible
  3. Students will have an historical understanding of the founding of the state of Israel
Tikkun Olam & Mitzvot
  1. Students will initiate a Mitzvah project to enhance tikkun Olam practice within the Jewish community.
  2. Students will develop an understanding of Torah​ as a guide to living a life based on Jewish ethics and values and will be encouraged to implement them in their daily life

 Kita Zayin (7th Grade)
  1. Students will participate in the Mencsh Ed Program, a character education curriculum based on Torah, Midrash and Jewish Folktales through readings, discussion and activities.
  2. Students will learn Jewish Values through discussion and hands on activities.
  3. Students will participate projects based on Jewish values, holidays, and Tikkun Olam.
  4. Students will lead some of the Shabbat morning and Kabbalat Shabbat services.
  5. Students will develop critical thinking about Judaism in a “secular” world.






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