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Solidarity With Israel
עם ישראל חי

At this time of crisis (sha'at hadahak), when Hamas terrorists brutally invaded Israel, massacred hundreds, and committed unspeakable atrocities, we have established this page to bring you resources, information, and opportunities for action. We will update this as often as possible and urge you to follow Mosaic Law Congregation on Facebook and Instagram for more immediate posts.

Mosaic Law Congregation resolutely stands with Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai | Bring Them Home 

Hamas Terror Tunnel

Big enough for a car to drive through, and leading up to just a quarter-mile away from the Erez crossing on the Israel-Gaza border, the IDF is revealing the largest Hamas terror tunnel found in Gaza.

Hamas Official Ghazi Hamad

In an October 24 interview, Hamas announced that it is prepared to repeat the October 7 “Al-Aqsa Flood” Operation time and again until Israel is annihilated. 

Unpacked: Why Israel Must Destroy Hamas

Gazans have been suffering at the hands of Hamas for decades, and this most recent attack on Israeli civilians forced Israel to commit to destroying Hamas once and for all.

Rabbi Daniel Rowe

Yoseph Haddad

Kenneth Marcus on Campus Antisemitism

A look at the deeper reason for the world's obsession with the Jews.


Inspirational global video in solidarity with the hostages.  

In an interview with New Zealand television, Yoseph Haddad responds to the claim that Israel stole land. 

Am Echad--One Nation

Inspiring music video whose translated lyrics are found here (scroll down page).

Brandeis Legal Center founder explains how many campuses employ not one, but two, First Amendments, one for Antisemites, the other, for everyone else. 

One Thousand Musicians Unite for the Hostages

This inspirational video features an amazing collection of Israeli musicians in unity for the hostages. 

Our Three-Part Action Plan

What We Can DoJPEG.jpg

News Coverage

Organizational Resources

Contact Your Federal Representatives

Everyone is represented by a Member of Congress who serves in the US House of Representatives. Additionally, all Californians are represented by US Senators Alex Padilla and Laphonza Butler. That means we all need to contact three offices, urging them to endorse American support for Israel.
1) Click here to see who represents you in the US House of Representatives. Then go to their website for their contact information.
2) US Senator Alex Padilla (202) 224-3553
3) US Senator Laphonza Butler (202) 224-3841


With so many worthwhile organizations serving critical needs in Israel, we've listed just a few. Your job is to not be overwhelmed by the choices, but to pick one or two that you feel comfortable with.

Don't give until it hurts. Give until it helps.  


Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region: Assisting Sacramento’s Sister City of Ashkelon

Magen David Adom: Supporting paramedics, EMTs, first responders, and first-aid providers in Israel


Friends of the IDF: Providing for the health, welfare, and education of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces 

NATAL: Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War, offering mental health and other trauma services from war and terror


Jewish Federations of North America: Emergency Fund for Israel

Israel Bonds: Financing Israeli infrastructure, particularly necessary in this time of crisis

Jewish National Fund/USA Israel Resilience Campaign: Providing an array of services to those on the front lines and to victims of the invasion

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC): Ensuring a strong bond between the United States and Israel

Barzilai Medical Center: Treating victims of the conflict on the front lines in Sacramento's Sister City, Ashkelon

Brothers and Sisters in Arms: Grassroots effort procuring and distributing supplies to civilians and security personnel in the Israeli conflict zones

Assuta Ashdod Hospital: Providing quality medical care to residents in Israel’s southern periphery, 16 miles from the Gaza Strip

Hadassah Emergency Crisis Fund: Providing supplies, medical equipment, and other indispensable needs

Just One Chesed: Distributing critical supplies for the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces

Kibbutz Be'eri Relief: GoFundMe page helping to rebuild this kibbutz which was devastated by Hamas

America Israel Democracy: Supporting the displaced families from the Southern Israeli communities

Hands of Tzedakah: Supporting victims of the terror war against Israel

Combat Antisemitism Movement: Supporting emergency relief organizations in Israel that provide direct assistance to communities and victims (all donations doubled)

PizzaIDF: Delivering thousands of pizzas and fresh sandwiches to soldiers, especially in areas where deliveries are hard to reach

American Friends of Meir Panim: Providing relief to the shattered families of Sderot and communities in the South

Israel Guide Dog Center: Servicing the needs of Israelis with visual blindness, all the more pressing since October 7

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