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On the seventh day of Chanukah, 5782 (December 5, 2021), Mosaic Law Congregation proudly dedicated the Sperber Family Illustrated Torah and accompanying Jewish Holiday and Festival Scroll, both now on display in the Sanctuary Building.  

Created by the gifted hand of Israeli artist, Michal Meron, the Illustrated Torah artistically depicts the complex stories of our 54 parshiot. The accompanying Jewish Holiday and Festival Scroll does the same for our celebrations. 


Mosaic Law Congregation is grateful to the Sperber families for underwriting the project and to all the sponsors for their generous support. In providing these magnificent pieces, the Sperber families and our generous sponsors have given us another way to demonstrate לדור ולדור, from one generation to the next, by strengthening our ties to one another and connecting our story to the Torah. 

Please help keep this story alive by becoming a virtual sponsor of a parsha or Jewish celebration. Contact for details. 

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