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MLC Keshet Pride

Mosaic Law Congregation has a Keshet (rainbow) Committee whose goal is to make lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQIA+) families and individuals feel more welcomed at our shul.

The committee was recently started with a national grant and is organized and mentored by Cantor Ben Rosner.

The Keshet Committee identified strategic programming and policy strategies that will build our communal skills to help welcome and lift up our LGBTQIA+ members and allies. Communities thrive most when everyone is able to show up as their full selves, and unfortunately, queer and transgender Jews still face explicit and implicit exclusion and don’t show up. Many people in our younger generations are unwilling to belong to a community where their queer and trans community members don’t feel welcomed. Failing to create a welcoming space for diverse Jewish families will shrink our community. This cultural change would grow our synagogue membership by ensuring all who enter feel welcomed.

Thus far MLC Keshet has hosted speakers (such as Rabbi Micah Buck-Yael of the National Keshet organization), trained MLC Staff and leadership to familiarize them with the LGBTQ community, and has participated in a variety of committees in the congregation.

We look forward to continue to make MLC a more welcoming congregation while increasing LGBTQIA+ participation in our synagogue.



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