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Board of Trustees

Randy Pollack


Originally from upstate New York, I began attending Mosaic Law Congregation as a law student. The shul has played an important role in my life as it is where I met my wife Bebe, celebrated my children’s B’nai Mitzvah and met life long friends. I look forward to ensuring that Mosaic Law Congregation remains a place of learning, friendship and Tzedakah for our community.   

Dr. Jeffery Brodovsky


As a fourth generation Mosaic Law Congregation member, I am proud to serve on the board. As your Secretary, my role is to record the board meetings and help foster communication between the board to the membership. If you have questions about board actions or a board report, please reach out to me and I'll be happy to help.

Alice Cartwright

Board Member

Sisterhood Co-President

A native of Toronto, I have been a member of MLC since 2001. This is my third year on the board, and prior to this, I was Sisterhood President. I am still involved in Sisterhood and I enjoy supporting my Mosaic Law Congregation family.

Dr. Karl Zeff

Board Member

I grew up at Mosaic Law Congregation and became a Bar Mitzvah there in 1971. After a long career as a military physician, I returned to Sacramento with my wife, Sheri, and our two sons. 

Dr. Janis Lightman

Board Member

Sisterhood Co-President

Mosaic Law Congregation is the place where I feel at home, sharing the pride and joy of my Jewish life and identity. Our beloved community has nurtured me and my family for 34 years. I am most proud of starting Tot Shabbat and leading children's services for many years. I look forward to representing Sisterhood members through my participation on the board. 

Todd Sperber

First Vice President

I joined Mosaic Law Congregation with my family after being raised in another shul. I am so excited to be working with the Board to bring the entire congregation out of the COVID years. Please feel free to call or chat with me at any time as we are working for all of us. 

Judy Weiner

Immediate Past President

Originally from Los Angeles, I have been a member of Mosaic Law Congregation for 35 years. My leadership roles at MLC include President, VP, Membership Chair and Gala Co-Chair in 2019. Other areas of interest include programming and event planning, Kiddush lunch prep and working in the Holocaust Memorial Garden located on our campus. 

Ryan Pessah

Board Member

I have been part of the Sacramento Jewish community since 2010 and have served the community in various roles. Prior to joining the MLC Board, I was chair of the Sacramento Jewish Community Relations Council. 

Steve Turtletaub

Board Member

I have served in several leadership roles including as Mosaic Law Congregation's basketball coach, golf tournament director and Education Chair. I am a Past President of the Board of Trustees.

Dwight Freund

KOH President

You want books? I got books! You want puzzles? I got puzzles!

Alex Zamansky

Second Vice President

I grew up in Sacramento and became a Bar Mitzvah at Mosaic Law Congregation. I am a committed member of MLC having been Men's Club President and Board Treasurer. In addition to being the Second VP, I am also the Education Chair. My goals include expanding our education program and greater engagement with young families

Josh Heller

Board Member

I am a multi-generational Mosaic Law Congregation member raised at the shul. I am married with two boys who love to come to MLC. I look forward to helping the synagogue continue to be an important contributor to the Sacramento-area Jewish Community. 

Dr. David Lerner

Board Member

I joined Mosaic Law Congregation in 1983 having traveled from Brooklyn, New York for work. I immediately became involved in many aspects of religious life at the synagogue and have served in many positions. I continue to be very involved in the synagogue I have grown to love.

Susie Mano

Board Member

I have been a member of Mosaic Law Congregation for almost 30 years. I am active in Sisterhood and enjoy reading Torah. I am excited to be able to serve on the MLC Board.

Rachel Berliner

MLC  20-30 President

I am happy to be a part of ensuring that Jewish 20s and 30s in Sacramento find a meaningful religious and social community at Mosaic Law Congregation. Please join MLC2030 for our monthly Shabbat Potlucks, happy hours, and more!

Dan Ott


I have been on the Mosaic Law Congregation board for over a decade and have held numerous roles including President, VP, Secretary and am now the Treasurer. In addition to my Executive roles, I am a Past President of Men’s Club and the Kiddush Cup Golf Classic. When not working on HR, Kiddush or MLC finances, I spend my time with my wife, Melinda, and our four kids.

Mike Roth

Board Member

Mosaic Law Congregation has been a part of my life since I started in Sunday school, became a Bar Mitzvah and attended Confirmation there. My goal on the Board is to find innovative ways to increase membership among younger families and ensure that Jewish traditions are passed on through the educational programs our synagogue has to offer. 

Mehrnaz Halimi Waks

Board Member

I was born in Tehran and am a product of a Jewish Day School education. I came to the US for an advanced education, but the Islamic Revolution kept me here. I am the director of The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning. I have been a member of Mosaic Law Congregation since 1975. I am married and have two adult sons.

Cantor Ilana Wolpert

Board Member

I joined MLC upon retiring from 
B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville, MD in 2019 and moved to Sacramento and be near my children. I love helping out on Shabbat mornings with tefilot and Torah reading. 

Chuck Brabec

Men's Club President

I am

Past Presidents


Alan Brodovsky                 Frank Gumpert                       *Elliot Pearl

*Louis Brodovsky               *Judah Jacobson                    Steven Polansky, MD

*Mark Cohn                       Marvin Kamras, MD                Sid Rosenberg

Alan Edelstein                   Jonathan Lightman                 Caren Rubin

*Morton Ehrlich, MD         David Long                             *Lee Shapiro

*Alex Fahn                         *A.J. Markowitz                     *Lewis Stein

*Leo Fahn                          Steven Mopsick                      Marc Sussman

*Morton Friedman             *Charles Nadler                      Steve Turtletaub

*Sam Finegold                   Michael Opper                       *Robert Zeff, MD

*Simon Gartler                   Mitchell Ostwald 

Deborah Gonzalez             Dan Ott 

Kenneth Goore                  *Arlene Pearl 


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