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Our Mission

Mosaic Law Congregation is the vibrant, spiritual home for all members of the Sacramento region seeking a life of Jewish education and support within the framework of Conservative Judaism.

Our Vision

To become a thriving, vibrant Conservative Jewish congregation, whose members are invested and engaged in creating a welcoming, participatory synagogue for the betterment of the Jewish community, the greater Sacramento area and the world.

Our Values

Mosaic Law Congregation endeavors to be a kehillat kadosh, a holy community, which embraces the practice of Judaism as interpreted by the  United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

To achieve this goal, our synagogue stresses the Jewish principles of civility, tolerance, diversity and derech eretz within the context of interpersonal communication. Our service to God can be fulfilled only through continual improvement of our human relationships with priority placed on respect for individual dignity.  When we genuinely relate to one another as beings created b’tzelem elohim (in the image of God), our synagogue will become a garden of creativity, prosperity and peace.

Through a coordinated effort of our clergy, professional staff, lay leadership and volunteers, Mosaic Law Congregation works to ensure a warm and caring environment in which all who participate in  our ritual, cultural, educational and social programs can fulfill the precept, v'ahavta l'ray'acha kamocha, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

All members of the Mosaic Law Congregation community are encouraged to share ideas for implementing this value and helping our synagogue fulfill its vision of becoming a kehillat kadosh.

The following is a pathway for creating a kehillat kadosh:

1. Derech eretz (Thoughtful conduct and common decency toward others)

Our conduct as a synagogue rests on the foundation of derech eretz in visible, tangible ways. We live up to the ethics and values we allegedly espouse.

2. Areyvut (Mutual responsibility; accountability)

We hold each other accountable to “walk our talk,” and we are as invested in the success of others as we are in our own success. Our practices are transparent and we are fully accountable to constituents, donors, funders and colleagues.

3. Kavod (Honor and respect)

We treat everyone with respect and dignity regardless of role, level of education, or economic privilege. Our respect is apparent in every encounter.

4. Mishpat v’rachamim (Justice and compassion)

Justice and compassion are two critical cornerstones of our values and are evident in all of our interactions.

5. Hachnasat orchim (Welcoming guests)

We strive to be genuinely warm and welcoming to everyone who enters our synagogue, in every human interaction, whether by phone, email, or in person. Hospitality is a spiritual practice.

6. Chesed and gemilut chasadim (Acts of loving kindness and compassion)

We extend ourselves to one another with kindness and compassion regardless of whether we have met before. We offer the same kindness we would want to receive from others.

7. Lashon ha’tov (Good speech; right speech)

Lashon ha’tov is about the spirit and flavor of how we speak to one another. It is  about listening and speaking from the heart.

8. Lo levayesh (Do not embarrass)

We actively choose to engage in behaviors that are intended to comfort, delight, protect and honor others and ourselves.

9. V’ahavta l’ray'acha kamocha and ahavat ger  (Love your neighbor as yourself and welcome the stranger)

These values appear more often than any other in the Torah. They express love for our neighbors, ourselves, and for God. We are not only polite to one another; we strive to be actually loving, warm and generous of heart.

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