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Mercaz Religious School

You can download the Registration Form and then open and complete it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Open the application in Acrobat Reader and then click Fill & Sign to enter your information. (If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, click here to download it.)


Mercaz, Mosaic Law Congregation’s Pre-Kindergarten through 7th grade school program, believes that participation and engagement in Jewish religious, educational, and cultural life are essential to the formation of a solid Jewish identity. Our membership in United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism inspires our dedication to the ideals and practices of the Conservative Movement. 


  • To awaken in each child a Jewish identity rooted in ethics, wonder, and tradition

  • To foster the weaving of Torah and its values into our children’s lives

  • To spark intellectual engagement that will lead to our students becoming lifelong learners

  • To have students discover personal meaning from texts by encouraging critical thinking and sharing of ideas

  • To present Judaism as a positive and meaningful framework and ongoing resource in our students’ lives

  • To offer engaging learning, friendships, and social opportunities

  • To model the expression of Judaism through ethical behavior, ritual participation, and social action

  • To prepare students to participate in Hebrew prayer, song, and ritual

  • To involve parents as partners in their children’s unfolding Jewish education and identities

  • To encourage involvement in the Jewish community, locally and globally

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