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Mercaz -- Shalom Learning

Students in our PreK-2nd grade classes are provided with stimulating, interactive hands-on activities to explore and engage with a series of Jewish values: 

  • HaKarat HaTov/ Recognizing the good

  • Hakhnasat Orchim / Welcoming guests

  • Bikkur Cholim / Visiting the sick

  • Todah / Thanks

  • Tzedakah / Giving to help others

  • Eretz Yisrael / The Land of Israel

  • Ba’al Tashkhit / To not be wasteful or destroying

  • Ometz Lev / Courage of the heart

  • Shalom Bayit / Peace in the home

  • HaShavat Aveidah / Returning lost objects

  • B’Tzelem Elokim / Being in God’s image

Their study of these values is enhanced with stories, songs, related Hebrew vocabulary and prayers, and seeing them in relation with our holidays and other special moments in our lives.


Students in grades 3-7 engage in lessons that incorporate social and emotional learning skills that enable them to build positive relationships, strengthen their identities, and make responsible decisions. Students progress through the year viewing Jewish text, history, prayer and holidays through the lens of these values: 

  • Teshuvah / Taking responsibility for your actions

  • B’tzelem Elokim / Being in God’s image

  • Gevurah / Using one’s inner and outer strength

  • Akhrayut / Doing what you can to make the world a better place

  • HaKarat HaTov / Seeking joy and being grateful

  • Koakh HaDibbur / Understanding the power of words

  • Shalom / Helping create a calmer, more peaceful world


In addition to the multi-media resources used to bring this curriculum to life in the classroom, we have a Family Room maintained by the Jewish Grandparents’ Network, filled with songs, dance, recipes, holiday ideas, games, and so much more. Visit it at and share in your children’s learning and playing.

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