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Mercaz -- Youth Groups

Mosaic Law offers a variety of programs for our youth, each one serving to connect aspects of our school, our services, and our holidays to their social lives and their identities. Youth Groups are often the first place our children come to feel the powerful connection of friendship as being so important to feeling part of the synagogue and comShalo one to the next, often find they have made friends who will stay with them well beyond high school. Each of our Youth Groups strives to meet for four special programs each year.

Youth Group membership forms can be found online at 


Parent and Me get-togethers focus on nurturing friendship, curiosity, respect, and Jewish identity for young children aged 3 months to 4 years, and their parents. During each session, we come together for simple play, music, movement, special events or special days, art, and more for the children. Just as important is the chance for parents to come together to talk, share, and support each other as they find out what it is to take on the challenges of parenting, and of Jewish parenting. Families with children up to four years old are welcome to join!  Please contact Rabbi Ricki Lobel at if you are interested in joining this group.



Perachim, which means flowers, is the perfect place for our younger students who are blossoming and growing. It is a wonderful opportunity to enter the world of youth groups and informal programming to support their education and to just have fun. Perachim events are designed to be engaging and inclusive in order to build relationships between our students, helping them to make friends and get to know their classmates on a social level. They are just the right blend of games, food, and friends to keep our children involved and looking forward to more.

You can download the membership application and then open and complete it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Open the application in Acrobat Reader and then click Fill & Sign to enter your information. (If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, click here to download it.)



B’nai Mazel builds on the activities from Perachim as our children grow in their interests, their social skills, and the many talents they have begun developing. The goal of this group is to keep our children interested in their community while providing them with experiences that strengthen their ties to Judaism and to their peers, all the while giving them the tools to participate in synagogue and family traditions. This is a great time for our children to build stronger bonds with the friends who will later share in the Bar and Bat Mitzvah experience with them later.



Kadima is a safe and fun place for our tweens to come together. They participate in carefully chosen social activities that build on the relationships they have begun in their younger grades, and deepen the friendships that will help them through the challenging middle school years. It is also an important source of support, encouragement, and sharing pride throughout the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process. As our tweens grow, so do their interests, changing the nature of their activities to include current culture, community service, and more. And as our eighth graders grow and reach the midway point of the year, they transition into becoming a part of USY and sharing in their adventures.



USY (United Synagogue Youth) empowers Jewish teens to develop friendships, leadership and cooperative skills, a sense of belonging to the Jewish people, a deep engagement with and love for Israel, and a commitment to inspired Jewish living through meaningful and fun experiences based on the foundations of Conservative Judaism.


USY activities, events, services, and learning experiences are planned by the group’s board members, with guidance from their Advisor and the department of Education and Youth.

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